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Karen Peck Gooch (formerly Karen Peck) has been involved with a handful of very popular groups in the upper echelon of contemporary gospel. The youngest of three sisters in a very religious family, the idea of musical ministry was introduced to her at a young age when her family would attend all-night singing programs in Atlanta. She eventually joined the Nelons in 1981 and stayed with them singing soprano for the next ten years. While in the Nelons and the Rex Nelon Singers, Peck contributed to a number of recorded projects including In One Accord in 1985, Journeys in 1986, Thanks in 1987, Get Ready in 1988, and The Best of Times in 1990. Her membership in the Nelons brought her into the spotlight of contemporary Southern gospel and through their enormous catalog and constant string of live appearances she became an internationally known vocalist in her own right. When she left the Nelons in 1991 she accomplished a life-long goal of establishing a group with her sister Susan and her husband Rickey. With the support of vocalist David White and a rotating cast of backing musicians, they formed Karen Peck and New River. Because of Peck's years in the industry, the group's success was almost immediate and soon they were firmly established in the contemporary gospel scene. Their debut release, Live From the Alabama Theatre, was issued in 1995 by Horizon Music and soon followed by the studio effort Unlimited that same year. Peck released Carry Faith in 1996 on Canyon Road without the help of New River, but was again joined by them for the 1997 Horizon Music release of Makin' a Difference. In 1999 the group found a new home with the Spring Hill Music Group and released Taste of Grace and with it had a considerable amount of radio success. The group released Southern Gospel in 1999 on Horizon Music. Shortly after the release, Peck and company were joined by vocalist and songwriter John Darin Rowsey in January of 2000. Rowsey was a former member of the notable gospel group New Journey for more than 10 years. Karen Peck Gooch has had a great deal of success as both a solo artist and the leader of Karen Peck and New River and has won numerous awards and appeared on nationally syndicated television and radio programs. ~ Nate Cavalieri, All Music Guide

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