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Philmont is an American pop-punk influenced Christian rock band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are signed to Forefront Records / EMI CMG[1]. Their debut album, Attention, was released on August 25, 2009.

Philmont was formed by Scott Taube, Josiah Prince, Abe Hege, and Matthew Arcaini in Summer of 2005[2]. They recorded their independent debut EP Take Cover with local producer Kit Walters in December of that year [3]. Arcaini left the band in April 2006, and Philmont performed with temporary bassists for over a year. In December 2006, Taube, Hege, and Prince travelled to Eudora, Kansas to record a majority of their Photosynthetic EP at Black Lodge Studios with producer Ed Rose[4]. Kit Walters and Matthew Arcaini each produced a track on the EP as well.

Philmont released Photosynthetic independently on March 6, 2007 at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte[5]. Justin Sams joined Philmont on bass soon after, putting an end to the long streak of fill-ins. That July, the band performed at the 2007 Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois, where they were discovered by representatives of EMI-CMG[6]. Philmont showcased for the label group that Fall, and were then offered a recording contract with Forefront Records[7]. Hege unexpectedly left the band for personal reasons just weeks before the signing was to take place. Todd Davis had played in a band with Josiah prior to Philmont, and was recruited on short notice. Philmont was able to sign the deal a few days before Christmas.

After signing with Forefront, the band spent several months writing songs in preparation for recording their first full-length album. They spent April and May 2008 recording twelve songs in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Rob Hawkins[7]. The five-song Oh Snap EP was digitally released on August 19, 2008[8], and physically released on April 21, 2009. Their first single "I Can't Stand to Fall" was released to CHR and Christian Rock Radio in July 2008[9], and can be heard on the band's MySpace site.

In September 2008, a music video for EP song "The Difference" was released to YouTube. The band filmed and directed the entire video themselves, as documented in a "behind-the-scenes" video, also available on YouTube. The music video has gained impressive exposure on TV programming like Steelroots, JCTV, The Merge, The Merge OUTLOUD and Gospel Music Channel; it was included in the Spring 2009 video playlist for American Eagle stores nationwide, and was also featured on the X 2009 CD/DVD compilation. In February, "The Difference" was released as a radio single to CHR and Christian Rock formats.

Philmont has been on several tours supporting their Oh Snap EP, playing shows across the US with bands like Pillar, This Beautiful Republic, Eleventyseven, Addison Road, Wavorly, and Capital Lights.

In an interview for the March/April 2009 issue of HM Magazine, the title of Philmont's debut album was revealed to be Attention.[10] The album was released on August 25, 2009.[11]

In a post on the official Philmont blog, March 3, 2010, Todd Davis announced his departure from the band, describing his the events of his final show with his fellow band members. It is unknown at this time who will fill his roll as drum and percussion player, however Todd mentioned in his blog post that "the band seems to be making some good progress in finding a new drummer and narrowing down options."

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