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Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott, born in 1974 in Northern Ireland, is a Christian songwriter and worship leader, who has written songs such as 'Hungry' and 'At the foot of the cross' for the worshipping church. She released her first album, Satisfy, in 2003, and her second album, I belong, is due out mid-December.

Brought up in Northern Ireland in a Christian environment, Kathryn discovered her talents for not only piano playing but also for singing. After getting married in 1996, Scott met and began to be mentored by Brian Doerksen, then Head of the Vineyard UK branch, and as a result, Kathryn's songs feature on many of the Vineyard albums, including Hungry, Surrender and Come, Now is the Time.

"Hungry" was released in 1999 by Vineyard Music Group, containing 14 songs; 2 of which Kathryn penned. Kathryn sings on 7 of the 14 songs, 2 of the 7 alongside another one of the other four worship leaders on the album.

"Satisfy" was released in 2003 by Vertical Records, containing 12 songs; 7 of which Kathryn penned.

Kathryn and her husband Alan serve as pastors of Causeway Coast Vineyard, a church that they planted in 1999 in Northern Ireland, and have two daughters together. ~ Wikipedia

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